Currently On View at MFA: AMBER ROBLES-GORDON “Awakening the Matrilineal”

17 Jan


Awakening the Matrilineal: Calling in the West, 34″x36″, mixed media on canvas
Awakening the Matrilineal- a visual exploration of Blackness and Matrilineality, is a
visual representation designed to awaken the bloodlines and ancestral
memories that links us all. Each annular form is enshrined in a circle of protection
created by the fusion of varying elemental and spiritual based practices and
interpretations of the visual languages and iconography the Ancient Egyptians, the West African Adinkra symbols, and the Sacred Geometry of other indigenous cultures worldwide. Each discoid focuses on a different aspect of the human experience as we relate to the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social planes of existence.
Awakening the Matrilineal’s full installation includes a grouping of 34″x36″, mixed media on canvas circles arranged in a larger circular formation.  Each circular form and its title is representational of both masculine and feminine balance, and of the people and their cultural makeup corresponding to a specific quadrant of the earth, namely: Calling on the West, The Female, Source: the One Within, The Male: Universe, Calling on the East, and Of the South and Fire.
For more information about Amber Robles-Gordon’s work, please contact the gallery.

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