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25 Jul
Morton Fine Art is thrilled to introduce artist KATHERINE TZU-LAN MANN to our roster.
“My work’s abstractions arise from the subjects I portray: ecological and geological cycles, processes of chemical corrosion and natural efflorescence. With roots in traditions of Chinese landscape painting, my monumentally sized paintings and installations evolve a fantastic, abstract vision of the natural world.
The paper on which I paint is not only a recognition of a tradition of Chinese painting; it is also a medium of vulnerability and expansiveness, susceptible to crease and tear as well as to collage and collation.
In my most recent work, I hope to live in the tradition of landscape painting, experiencing it for what it has always been: an occasion for radical experimentation and confrontation with the world, in the broadest sense of the term that sustains us.”
Beard2 web
Beard, acrylic, sumi ink, wood cut and silkscreen on paper, 60″x 61″
Shade web
Shade, acrylic and sumi ink on stretched paper, 60″x 40″
Untitled web
Untitled, acrylic, sumi ink, wood cut and silkscreen on paper, 59″x 55″
Window web
Window, acrylic and ink on paper, 72″ x 72″
If you would like to learn more about Katherine Mann or would like to see her work, please contact the gallery to set up an appointment. We look forward to your visit.


18 Jul
Unfixed, 2017, oil, watercolor and gouache on monoprint, 7″x 13.5″
We are excited to announce the arrival of three new pieces by mixed media fiber artist JULIA MAE BANCROFT as she continues to develop her series entitled Mending Moments, which was born in the late fall of 2016.  Here are a few words on her creative process:

“I am constantly collecting various pieces of inspiration including photographs, insects, plant life, memories, fabric and fibers.  I begin creating simply by observing these pieces of inspiration and meditating on their arrangement.  Slowly a narrative begins to reveal itself.  In a back-and-forth process of mark making and stitching this narrative, which began as a scattered observation, develops into its own moment.  The careful repetitive nature of stitching and binding my materials by hand allows me to enter a very tranquil and introspective space throughout the creative process and always leaves me feeling intimately attached to the artwork I create.”

— JMB 2017
Moonlit Overcast, 2017, mixed media on wood panel hand-bound in linen thread, 26″x 24″
If you would like any additional details or information please contact us here at Morton Fine Art and click HERE to view other available work by the artist on our website.  Bancroft’s paintings are best observed when the naked eye can explore the highly textured surface and intricate incorporation of natural fibers.  Stop by the gallery anytime to see this incredible work up close in person!
Ida Hill, 2017, oil, watercolor and gouache with hand-stitching on photograph, 10″x 5″ (SOLD)

Currently On View at MFA: AMBER ROBLES-GORDON “Awakening the Matrilineal”

17 Jan


Awakening the Matrilineal: Calling in the West, 34″x36″, mixed media on canvas
Awakening the Matrilineal- a visual exploration of Blackness and Matrilineality, is a
visual representation designed to awaken the bloodlines and ancestral
memories that links us all. Each annular form is enshrined in a circle of protection
created by the fusion of varying elemental and spiritual based practices and
interpretations of the visual languages and iconography the Ancient Egyptians, the West African Adinkra symbols, and the Sacred Geometry of other indigenous cultures worldwide. Each discoid focuses on a different aspect of the human experience as we relate to the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social planes of existence.
Awakening the Matrilineal’s full installation includes a grouping of 34″x36″, mixed media on canvas circles arranged in a larger circular formation.  Each circular form and its title is representational of both masculine and feminine balance, and of the people and their cultural makeup corresponding to a specific quadrant of the earth, namely: Calling on the West, The Female, Source: the One Within, The Male: Universe, Calling on the East, and Of the South and Fire.
For more information about Amber Robles-Gordon’s work, please contact the gallery.

Holiday Small Works Exhibition Up Until January 3, 2017

15 Dec


The gallery is currently hung with a selection of small artworks in a variety of mediums by MFA artists. All artwork is available to take home if you are planning to give art as a gift this season. The show will be up until January 3, 2017. Please stop by and let us help you find that special something for the art lover in your life!


VICTOR EKPUK at the Tang Museum at Skidmore College

6 Sep




Ekpuk creating a wall drawing “Meditations on Memory” at the 2015 Havana biennale, Cuba.

Victor Ekpuk at the Tang Museum

September14th, 2016 – Artist Victor Ekpuk will create a new wall drawing at the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College as part of the exhibition  “Sixfold Symmetry: Pattern in Art and Science.”

Victor Ekpuk and Lisa Aronson, “Sixfold Symmetry”: 
4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 17, 2016. A “Dunkerley Dialogue” with artist Victor Ekpuk and Skidmore professor emeritus Lisa Aronson discussing Ekpuk’s large-scale wall drawing.

The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College
815 North Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Phone: 518-580-8080

For more information at


Click HERE to view available artwork by VICTOR EKPUK.

10 Minutes with DC Artist NATALIE CHEUNG

21 Jul

Photo credit: Joy Asico

JULY 21, 2016 in The Journal by Shinola


Our D.C. store’s newest art installation is by artist Natalie Cheung (pictured).

Chance occurences that happen in nature are what drive artist Natalie Cheung to create new artwork. Her latest art installation can be found inside our Washington D.C. store (1631 14th St. NW). At 8 x 12 feet, this work is the largest piece of artwork she’s ever shown. We sat down with Natalie to ask what it was like creating this masterpiece.

Join us at our in-store event to meet Natalie July 27 from 6-8 p.m. at our Logan Square store. Enjoy sips, snacks and a talk from the artist. No RSVP is needed.

Natalie Cheung’s artwork inside our D.C. store.

How long have you been a contemporary artist? Please describe your work’s aesthetic.

Growing up in the DC area, I had a lot of exposure to museums and the arts programs, and I’ve always been drawn to visually interesting and creative activities.  I am formally educated as a fine art photographer with a BFA from the Corcoran College of Art + Design, and a MFA from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. Ever since my schooling, I have been a working artist.

What inspires you to create and where do you feel most inspired?

A lot of my work is framed around chance occurrence that exist in nature, so I always feel compelled to make new artwork after taking a long hike or being exposed to new kinds of natural environments. I’m inspired by the small details and flaws in nature, and how together, they build a larger picture of the world we live in.

Natalie Cheung.

Describe your artwork that’s inside of our D.C. Store. What is it called and how did you create it?

At 8 x 12 feet, the work I have in the Shinola D.C. store is the largest artwork I have ever shown. I saw this as an opportunity to create a somewhat experimental installation. The black and white image is of a paper cut photogram (a camera-less photographic darkroom technique) I had cut.

The Rock Paper Scissors series is a blending of my cultural upbringing and my observations as a formally educated photographer. The idea of creating my own take on my mother’s intricate Chinese New Year paper-cuts photographically came to me when I saw a photograph of a city apartment building in a full black silhouette. The image was of an apartment facade, but completely abstracted at the same time. My paper cut compositions are spontaneous and intuitive shapes similar to those found in nature and man-made structures.

Get directions to our Washington D.C. store, here.

To read the article in entirety, here.


To view available artwork by NATALIE CHEUNG, please click here.

Morton Fine Art, 1781 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009, (202) 628-2787,


NATE LEWIS Featured in Quiet Lunch Magazine

7 Jun

Artist NATE LEWIS was recently featured in Quiet Lunch Magazine! The article is in their current issue!

If you would like to see Nate Lewis’ works, you can visit them on our website.

Nate Lewis Quiet Lunch 1

Nate Lewis Quiet Lunch 2

Nate Lewis Quiet Lunch 3

Nate Lewis Quiet Lunch 4