ANDREI PETROV’s solo exhibition “Global Migration” opens 4/8/16 at Morton Fine Art

31 Mar
Global Migration
Abstract Oil Paintings by ANDREI PETROV
Friday, April 8th – April 27th, 2016

Friday, April 8th, 6pm-8pm
The artist will be in attendance.
Great Escape 30x48 web
ANDREI PETROV, Great Escape, 2016, 30″x48″, oil on canvas

Morton Fine Art (MFA)
1781 Florida Ave NW (at 18th & U Sts)
Washington, DC 20009

(202) 628-2787

Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm

Sunday 12pm-5pm

Far from Home 36x55 diptych web
ANDREI PETROV, Far from Home (diptych), 2016, 36″x55″, oil on canvas
About ANDREI PETROV & Global Migration

“The forced displacement of millions of people from war torn homelands and border crossings into unwelcome arms has inspired these painted reactions.
In this series the vast color fields show the paths of these voyages through streams or patches of creamy impasto. Within unpredictable atmospheres, traces of movement crawl across, around and through layers of opalescent layers of transparent color. The contrast in scale between the rivers of thick color and the expansive land that surrounds them symbolizes how small the masses are in respect to the immense distances traversed.” -ANDREI PETROV, 2016

Based in New York City, ANDREI PETROV explores memory in his organic abstract paintings. His paintings probe the distortion, incompleteness and rare moments of clarity in the shadows of memory. Each piece portrays the intrinsic struggle and selective inclusion or exclusion of details in the process of recollection. At times, sharpness occurs in the rear of the picture plane while the out of focus, obscured areas, exist in a larger scale toward the foreground and make reference to the inscrutable nature of long and short term memory.Petrov’s paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally in prestigious collections and can be viewed at The Four Seasons Hotel in both Washington, DC and Punta Mita, Mexico, The Fairmont Hotel in Chicago and The Conrad Hotel, Miami. His paintings have also had cameos in the following films, The Royal Tenenbaums, Autumn in New York, Kate and Leopold, The Business of Strangers and Words and Lyrics. He is the featured visual artist 2016 for Music@Menlo.

Global Migration marks ANDREI PETROV’s forth consecutive solo exhibition at Morton Fine Art.

About Morton Fine Art
Founded in 2010 in Washington, DC, Morton Fine Art (MFA) is a fine art gallery and curatorial group that collaborates with art collectors and visual artists to inspire fresh ways of acquiring contemporary art. Firmly committed to the belief that anyone can become an art collector or enthusiast, MFA’s mission is to provide accessibility to museum-quality contemporary art through a combination of substantive exhibitions and a welcoming platform for dialogue and exchange of original voice.

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