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Rosemary Feit Covey on 6 Things She Thought She Would Never Do (and the inspiration for “Death of the Fine Art Print”) :

2 Feb

Covey's "Fish", hand & machine printed wood engraving w acrylic paint & ink on japanese paper

Covey's "Fish", hand & machine printed wood engraving w acrylic paint & ink on japanese paper (one of a kind)


The answers you get

depend on the questions you ask—Thomas Kuhn

Six things I thought I would never do:

1) Appropriation

2) Xerox

3) Multimedia

4) Conceptual pieces

5) Deconstruction

6) Archival Ink Jets

As a classically trained printmaker here are six things I thought I would never do. But now I find myself doing all of them in my new projects.  I have accepted the fact that my work as an artist must be driven by my relationship with my subject matter followed by finding the tools best able to express the content of the work, not the reverse.

Each of my major projects in the last few years—0, Strip, Peep Show, Brain Tumor and now Death of the Fine Art Print (rats)—has generated its own means to best express its concept. The use of forms and media I might previously have rejected but now find serve my content. This has led me on a journey where all my old art prejudices have been called into question and turned on their heads.

I think my job as an artist is to build on what I have done before and never get too comfortable…never let hard-earned craftsmanship thwart finding fresh approaches…always be willing to push my assumptions as I move from one work or project to the next.

Have I lost contact with my past as a printmaker? No, I still use engraving as a starting point when it is relevant. The better question is: How can I best explore the subjects that intrigue me right now?

Covey's "Strip", wood engraving

Covey's "Strip", wood engraving (edition of 80)

Covey's "Strip", archival ink jet print

Covey's "Strip", archival ink jet print, (open edition)

Art Tip # 3 Tier Pricing for Editions

2 Dec

Did you know that signed, number editions in fine art mediums such as photographs or wood engravings may be subject to price tiering? This means that the artworks become more valuable as the edition sells out, so don’t be surprised if a photo you have been considering for several months is now priced a tier higher due to the limited number available, or if seemingly similar sized wood engravings are priced dramatically different!

Eg 1. Rosemary Feit Covey’s wood engraving ‘Nkonde’ is in an edition of 60 and sold out several years back. Fortunate for MFA, a rare print of ‘Nkonde’ was recently sourced from a private collection which allows us to offer a previously sold out edition for acquisition!

Eg 2. Attached is an image of Susan Burnstine’s photograph, ‘In the Midst’. The piece was recently featured in The Washington Post as the feature image for FotoWeek DC and is in a limited edition of 15. The value of this piece recently went up as the edition gets closer to selling out!