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MARIO ANDRES ROBINSON’s “A Brush with Time” at The Paul R. Jones Museum

24 Jun

Preview | Mario Andres Robinson’s examination of the human condition


Courtesy of Daniel White

Joseph Arnold, Contributing Writer
June 23, 2021

What: “Mario Andres Robinson: A Brush with Time” 

Who: The exhibition is free and open to the public 

When: May 7 to July 30 during museum hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: The Paul R. Jones Museum

The exhibition marks the first time Mario Andres Robinson — an American painter, pastelist and draftsman — has displayed his work for the Alabama public. 

Daniel White, the museum’s director, said that Robinson is a highly regarded artist in the Northeast. With this exhibition, he wanted to introduce Robinson to the Southeast region. 

“This is his first solo show in Alabama, so I felt like it was an important moment because his work fits the kind of work that we exhibit here at the Jones Museum,” White said. 

Inspired by painters like RembrandtThomas Eakins and Andrew Wyeth, Robinson incorporates aspects of realism into his works of watercolor and graphite, capturing minute yet powerful moments in daily life. Every piece is rendered in such a way that the viewer must stop and consider the meaning behind each detailed backdrop and set of lifelike eyes.

White said the museum is happy to showcase Robinson’s work because it can intrigue the public,  impact the local conversation about art and inspire UA art students. 

“The thing about Mario’s work and why it’s important is that he is one of the most well-regarded watercolor artists working today in America,” White said. “He’s won many awards. He has his own book out. He’s just an accomplished artist.”

White said seeing the work of an accomplished artist like Robinson could inspire UA art students to make careers out of their craft. 

Though this is Robinson’s first solo exhibition in Alabama, it is not the first time he has created art in the state. 

“It could easily be said that it’s a homecoming of sorts,” Robinson said. “My professional art career began in 1994 while spending two years in Huntsville, drawing and painting portraits of local subjects. I’m honored to share my work with the great citizens of Alabama.” 

Robinson said he is honored to showcase his work at the Paul R. Jones Museum and grateful to White “for working with me every step of the way and gently guiding my decisions.”

According to Robinson, who recently returned to Alabama after moving to New Jersey as a young boy, the works selected for the exhibition are deeply personal. 

“Prior to moving back to New Jersey, I developed a working relationship with my first model, named Kenyatta ‘Plum’ Johnson. The most cherished work in the exhibition is a working study of Plum, which dates back to 2001. The works in the show were carefully chosen from my personal collection,” Robinson said. 

Robinson said he hopes Alabamians will understand that his work is centered around the human condition.

“It’s my hope that the viewers of ‘A Brush with Time’ sense the love and affection I have for the people and places I portray in my work. The coastal towns of Point Pleasant Beach and Keyport, New Jersey, have defined my adolescence and adulthood,” Robinson said. “The backdrops in the works offer a glimpse into my world. In the end, the universal theme of my work is the human condition.”

Available Artwork by MARIO ANDRES ROBINSON

‘Lessons in Realistic Watercolor’ by MFA’s Mario Andres Robinson

1 Jun


“Watercolor by its nature cannot be controlled, and your success will depend upon your willingness to accept that fact.”  -Mario Andres Robinson

Master watercolorist Mario Andres Robinson, has recently produced an extraordinary book titled Lessons in Realistic Watercolor that includes step by step instructions on studio set up, using the medium in various techniques, as well as poignant personal insight into capturing the subtle nuances of a fleeting moment and the soul of American life.  Morton Fine Art has supported Robinson on our roster of artists for over five years now, we are incredibly proud of this achievement and so happy to know his unique perspective on an age old medium is being passed down to new generations of artists!  Many of the original artworks featured in the book are available here at MFA.  Enjoy the following excerpts and please contact us here at the gallery for details on acquiring one of Robinson’s superb original paintings.


MARIO ROBINSON’s Savvy Painter Podcast

4 Aug

Listen to MARIO ROBINSON interviewed for Savvy Painter Podcast HERE

Mario Robinson

Mario Robinson, Self- portrait

Mario’s work fits squarely within the tradition of American painting. His paintings contain few references to modern life which gives them a timeless and universal quality. The subjects he chooses refer to a bygone era where solitude and reflection were abundant, also provoke frequent allusions to the watercolors of Winslow Homer.

Mario Andres Robinson is an Exhibiting Artist Member of The National Arts Club, The Salmagundi Club, NY and a Signature member of The Pastel Society of America. He is considered a Living Master by The Art Renewal Center. His work has been featured several times in The Artist’s Magazine, The Pastel Journal, Watercolor Magic, Fine Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector and on the cover of American Artist magazine. In the February 2006 issue of The Artist’s Magazine, Mario was selected as one of the top 20 realists under the age of 40. In 2014, Robinson was appointed Brand Ambassador for Winsor & Newton.

In this episode, Mario and I talk about his how an elementary school teacher noticed his artistic talents and took him under her wing. You’ll hear me get completely fascinated by a portrait he made of Spike Lee, his time in the Army and how that sort of separated him from other students at Pratt University. Mario was absolutely intent on being an artist, hell tell you all about how that pushed him to excellence, and drove him to be bold in asking for what he needs.

'Lexie' by Mario Robinson. Listen to Mario talk about his work and career in this interview: http://savvypainter.com/podcast/mario-robinson/ ‎
'tougaloo relic' by Mario Robinson Listen to Mario talk about his work and career in this interview:  http://savvypainter.com/podcast/mario-robinson/ ‎
‘tougaloo relic’
'sixteen broad street' by Mario Robinson. Listen to Mario talk about his work and career in this interview: http://savvypainter.com/podcast/mario-robinson/ ‎
‘sixteen broad street’
'transition' by Mario A. Robinson Listen to Mario talk about his work and career in this interview: http://savvypainter.com/podcast/mario-robinson/ ‎

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mortonfineart@gmail.com, (202) 628-2787

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MARIO ROBINSON’s watercolor demo for Windsor & Newton Artist Spotlight

25 Jun

Master water colorist, MARIO ROBINSON

Master water colorist, MARIO ROBINSON

Watch this amazing video of master water colorist MARIO ROBINSON’s painting process!  It is inspiring to view his technique as well as to hear the artist share his inspiration and the role of reflection and emotion in his rich portrait narratives.


New arrivals at Morton Fine Art:

Mario Robinson, Transition, watercolor on paper, 22"x16"

Mario Robinson, Transition, watercolor on paper, 22″x16″


Mario Robinson, St. Kitts Masquerade Dancer, watercolor on paper, 16"x20"

Mario Robinson, St. Kitts Masquerade Dancer, watercolor on paper, 16″x20″


Please contact the gallery for pricing and availability of artwork by MARIO ROBINSON.



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Learn Painting Realistic Watercolors from MARIO ANDRES ROBINSON

15 Apr

Mario Andres Robinson, Transition, water color on paper, 22"x16", currently available at Morton Fine Art

Mario Andres Robinson, Transition, water color on paper, 22″x16″, currently available at Morton Fine Art


Learn realist techniques every watercolorist should know! Join Mario Robinson as he shares the secrets to radiant watercolor works. Establish your subject’s light, middle and dark values with a tonal underdrawing. Learn proper techniques for stretching your paper to achieve a pristine surface. Create symmetrical features and mass big shapes using intuition to achieve a more natural appearance. Work through a monotone wash, explore water manipulation and work wet into wet for optical color mixing. Finally, build form and dimension into your watercolor with a special drybrush technique. Discover the keys to luminous, expressive watercolor paintings today!


Mario Robinson, Instructor of Painting Realistic Watercolors

Mario Robinson developed his realist style while studying at the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Moved by the works of Rembrandt, Vermeer and Degas, Robinson himself is now considered a master watercolorist. He is an exhibiting artist member of The National Arts Club, an artist member of The Salmagundi Club and a signature member of The Pastel Society of America. His work has been featured in various publications, including The Artist’s Magazine and American Art Collector, and on the cover of American Artist magazine. He has been named one of the top 20 realist artists under the age of 40.

More than 100 artists are currently enrolled!  For more information please visit the following link: