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Video Footage of MFA & Artinista Art Advisory’s “The Art of Collecting : A Woman’s Perspective”

25 Apr

To view this informative video, please click on the following link:

MFA & Artinista Art Advisory present “The Art of Collecting: A Woman’s Perspective”

“She’s A Collector” Series Part 1: Interview with “Artinista”, Katina H. Lett

13 Mar

March 12, 2012 Posted by Chief Artinista

Today we launch our “She’s A Collector” blog series, in recognition of Women’s History Month and as a count down to our upcoming panel presentation “The Art of Collectiong: From A Woman’s Perspective” that is scheduled for Sunday, March 25, 2012 at Morton Fine Art in Washington, DC.

The purpose of this series is to profile women who collect original art and share their perspectives of their interest and passion for fine art.  As this series will demonstrate, anyone who has the interest, discretionary income and a passion can start collecting at anytime!

We asked each of our “Artinistas” in this series 5 questions about their experiences collecting art.  Each of the ladies we interviewed are at various stages of developing a collection. We hope you will find some inspiration to start your own collection as a result of hearing from these passionate collectors!

Image: Katina Lett poses next to one of her first original artwork in her collection, entitled “Angel” by Litha in her home outside Atlanta, Georgia. Photo courtesy of Katina Lett.

Artinista: Katina H. Lett, Esq., Atlanta, Georgia

AAA:  How long have you been collecting?

Katina: I have been collecting since my husband and I finished law school and landed our first jobs in 1997. That is when we could do more than buy prints. 

AAA:  What was the first fine art piece that you collected?

Katina: Our first piece was purchased at an art show in North Atlanta. It is a painting by an African America woman named Litha.I call the painting “Angel” which frankly, I cannot recall if she named the painting that or I did. I see  an “Angel” in the paint roles and colors.

AAA:  What got your interested in collecting fine art?

Katina:  I like anything that is original. I’m also a visual person. Fine art encompasses both of those aspects and it is something you can keep and pass on to your children.

AAA:  What is the best thing you like about collecting art?

Katina: I enjoy the memories of where we were when we purchases the art, how we felt when we brought it home and finding the right place for it. There is also meaning to us for the selection- whether it’s a familiar face in the work or we feel it is just beautiful

AAA: What is your advice to women who are interested in starting a fine art collection?

Katina:   Ladies, do not be in a rush to just cover a wall or fill your rooms. Buy items as you encounter them and buy what YOU like- not what you think everyone else likes

Interested in starting a fine art collection and not sure how to start?  We can help!  Contact us today to schedule a consultation or for more information!

FOR INFORMATION PLEASE CHECK OUT THE ARTINISTA HERSELF: http://theartinista.com/blog/shes-a-collector-series-part-1-interview-with-artinista-katina-h.-lett/

Buy your tickets now for The Art of Collecting : A Woman’s Perspective – Sunday March 25, 2012 2pm-4pm.

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