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ANDREI PETROV’s “BC/AD” opens at Morton Fine Art Friday 3/27/15

19 Mar
B.C. / A. D.
Nature-based Abstract Oil Paintings by ANDREI PETROV
Friday, March 27th – April 16th, 2015

Friday, March 27th, 6pm-8pm
Artist will be in attendance.

In his exhibition “B.C./A.D”, NYC-based artist ANDREI PETROV roots his latest series of paintings in memories of a journey to Europe made nearly 2 decades ago. He emphasizes the importance and immediacy of naked observation which resonated through his senses first-hand and created a strong memory of place.  He challenges viewers to recall ways of seeing which favor the live experience rather than an instant snapshot, juxtaposing a time 20 years ago which was “before cellphones” and the distraction caused by “another digital set of eyes”.

“The production of a painting begins with a pencil or ink drawing on paper which I extrapolate from and edit as I work the canvas. First with pencil or charcoal and then with color washes done with acrylic or ink, I map the raw canvas and allow it to be ingrained with the materials. Once satisfied with the composition and balance, the surface is sealed with a clear acrylic so as to allow the use of oil based pigments. Handmade tools are used to drag, apply, scrape and blend the paint across the canvas plane. Sandpaper and rags also propel the evolution of the work. The addition and subtraction of paint are meant to act as a metaphor for the intentions and motives for which the paintings are based.” – Andrei Petrov

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