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NYC Based JASON SHO GREEN Exhibits in Germany

7 Jul
In August MFA’s JASON SHO GREEN will travel to Leipzig, Germany to build an interactive art installation at the One Sided Story Residency. He is building a large 3-D landscape that begins with sculptures of nature, inspired by Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), then spirals into a dense cityscape. As nature turns to city, it becomes a lush chaos of robotics, sensors, cameras, projections, buildings, and people. It will be internet connected, with streaming video, with some parts controllable via the website, so you can interact from anywhere!
In October SHO GREEN will be exhibiting twice with Akademie Schloss Solitude, one of the premier art organizations in Germany – one exhibition in Stuttgart and another in Leipzig.
Congratulations on your international successes, Jason!


I Will Always Make Time For You

oil on canvas, 90″x72″