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Art Tip # 3 Tier Pricing for Editions

2 Dec

Did you know that signed, number editions in fine art mediums such as photographs or wood engravings may be subject to price tiering? This means that the artworks become more valuable as the edition sells out, so don’t be surprised if a photo you have been considering for several months is now priced a tier higher due to the limited number available, or if seemingly similar sized wood engravings are priced dramatically different!

Eg 1. Rosemary Feit Covey’s wood engraving ‘Nkonde’ is in an edition of 60 and sold out several years back. Fortunate for MFA, a rare print of ‘Nkonde’ was recently sourced from a private collection which allows us to offer a previously sold out edition for acquisition!

Eg 2. Attached is an image of Susan Burnstine’s photograph, ‘In the Midst’. The piece was recently featured in The Washington Post as the feature image for FotoWeek DC and is in a limited edition of 15. The value of this piece recently went up as the edition gets closer to selling out!