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MAYA FREELON ASANTE in Scientific American

29 Aug
Maya Freelon Asante, Spectra, spinning tissue ink monoprint

Maya Freelon Asante, Spectra, spinning tissue ink monoprint

“Spectra,” by Maya Freelon Asante

“I use ‘bleeding’ tissue paper, water and archival pulp substrate to capture the chaotic movement of water and color blending on a spinning surface. By mounting my project on a potter’s wheel, I’m able to stand above my work, and while in motion use the wet tissue like a brush. As the wheel turns at different velocities and intervals, the ink spreads and mixes with other colors while simultaneously the intricate stains are absorbed into the pulp substrate permanently. The distribution of ink undergoing circular motion evolves in such a way that the gradient of the paint density changes with time and regions such as attractors, islands or basins appear. The colors then escape to infinity forming chaos artwork.”—Maya Freelon Asante

Visit this link to read more: http://www.scientificamerican.com/slideshow.cfm?id=bridging-the-gap&photo_id=250D2402-E1DD-4B2E-7B73B38CD8074D33