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Introducing Japanese Artist HIROMITSU KUROO | Morton Fine Art

19 Jul


(Japan & New York, b. Japan)

Hiromitsu Kuroo is a collage painter working in the tradition of origami. In his work, the canvas serves as the paper, and the gentle manipulation of its surface conveys intricate textural landscapes. The multiple layers of colors in his folded canvases are revealed by sanding the canvas surface. Interested in the juxtaposition and vitality of collaged pieces of canvas, he uses them to accentuate other emerging shapes in his compositions.

Rejecting the rigid and competitive world of my youth, I embraced the artistic world, where creativity, individuality and self-expression are held in high esteem. Being a Japanese expatriate in New York, I dually struggle with my cultural identity and my current New York existence. Through my work, I attempt to bridge these two quite different worlds.

My childhood in Kaminagaya exposed me to the scarf dyeing factories on the Ooka River, and the beauty and joy of color–you can find clear nods to my youth in the repeating patterns within my works. The recurrent shapes and colors in my works are sourced from everyday life–natural landscapes, the scenery of the city, conversation with strangers, good books and music all help me materialize my pieces.

I’ve recently begun working on a new series called “Bleach Painting”–the concept is that the works can easily be made anywhere. I make the works primarily with bleach, using as little paint as possible. The ability to create beauty out of limited expression is a characteristic of Japanese culture expressed through many artforms, and as a painter working in the manner of the Origami tradition of paper folding, I wanted to carry that feature into my practice. The canvas serves like paper where the gentle manipulation of its surface conveys intricate textural landscapes. I was inspired to work simply, with bleach, during my travels to Utah and Colorado, where I encountered incredible Native American murals. I enjoy approaching my practice originally, and conceiving of different ways of producing art. – HIROMITSU KUROO, 2022

Hiromitsu Kuroo earned both a BFA and MFA from Tohoku University of Art & Design and has had solo exhibitions at the New York based Tenri Cultural Institute, Gloria Kennedy Gallery, MIKIMOTO NY, Makari and Bronx Community College, as well as the Tokyo-based Gallery Yamaguchi and G-Art Gallery. He was awarded Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grants in 2010 and 2019, Adolph & Esther Gottlieb Foundation Grant in 2022, and the artist residency program for The Golden Foundation in 2019. In 2020, he was interviewed for Forbes Magazine. He has been represented by Morton Fine Art since 2022.

Available Artwork by HIROMITSU KUROO