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GA GARDNER in The Guardian Trinidad and Tobago

12 Aug


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Thru shows contemporary works at Art Society

Sunday, August 9, 2015
T&T-born artist GA Gardner. Images courtesy Thru Contemporary Arts Collection

The Art Society will host the first Thru Contemporary Arts Collection from August 17-21. The exhibition will feature a wide variety of international work including mixed media, photography, embroidery and digital work from Thru Contemporary Arts’ permanent public collection.

“These contemporary works push the envelope and question the essence of what is art,” said a release from Thru Contemporary Arts, which the release describes as “a collaboration of artists, writers and curators.” Thru is a project initiative of the T&T-based non-profit arts organisation GETTHRU.

Contributors to the collection include Adele Todd, GA Gardner and Sarah Knights, all from T&T; as well as Judith Ganz, Germany; Serge Game, the Netherlands; Beata Obst, Poland; Behzad Mahmoudpour, Iran and Stan Squiewell, United States among other countries.
GA Gardner curates the show.

“The Art Society is very pleased to host Thru Contemporary Arts’ exhibition in August 2015. We welcome Dr GA Gardner, who will be curating this very important show of contemporary art at our gallery in Federation Park. It is imperative that the Society puts on shows like these especially for student artists, schoolchildren and university students and for many of our upcoming artists to take full advantage of viewing,” the release quotes Art Society president Clayton de Frietas as saying.

Gardner is the founder of GETTHRU. He said the exhibition will give residents an opportunity to enjoy a curated body of work from Thru Contemporary Art’s collection. Previous exhibitions have been held in Germany and the US Virgin Islands. Thru’s “message is one that will best benefit the people of developing regions such as the Caribbean, where access to an international body of contemporary art is limited,” Gardner said in the release.

Thru Contemporary Arts houses and maintains a juried collection of contemporary art. The organisation acquires and promotes the artworks of prominent contemporary artists. This public collection is exhibited at museums, galleries and spaces with the goal of educating and introducing under-served communities to various forms of contemporary art, the release said. This project focuses on exhibition, education and the preservation of contemporary arts.

The showing opens with a reception at the Art Society, corner Jamaica Boulevard and St Vincent Avenue, Federation Park, on August 17 from 7–10 pm. The event is free and open to the public.

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