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ANDREI PETROV’s commission painting after his sketch “Arctic Retreat”

9 Jul

Ever been curious of how commissioning a painting works?  Here’s a wonderful example of how NYC-based abstract painter ANDREI PETROV transformed his informal sketch “Arctic Retreat” into a full blown finished painting “South Pole Soiree”.

First, a collector fell in love with his small sketch created in oil on panel. The title of the sketch is “Arctic Retreat” which measures 9″x13.5″ unframed. This work is a process painting and stands strong when framed and displayed on its own, however our collector needed a much larger piece for her space and preferences.

ANDREI PETROV, Arctic Retreat, 9"x13.5", oil on panel

ANDREI PETROV, Arctic Retreat, 9″x13.5″, oil on panel


Next, our collector determined the ideal size and format for her commission project.  She determined a square 44″x44″ piece would be best for her space.  She also described the elements she responded to in the sketch including palette, composition and detailing.  ANDREI PETROV reviewed her specs and agreed to create a commission based on “Arctic Retreat”.  He kindly agreed to provide a halfway image of the commission painting to the collector which can be seen below.


ANDREI PETROV, South Pole Soiree (Stage 1 - Halfway Image), 44"x

ANDREI PETROV, South Pole Soiree (Stage 1 – Halfway Image), 44″x44″, oil on canvas


Finally, additional paint layering was added until the painting was complete.  Once finished, the commission piece was set to dry and then shipped to Morton Fine Art for our collector!


ANDREI PETROV, South Pole Soiree (FINAL), 44"x44", oil on canvas

ANDREI PETROV, South Pole Soiree (FINAL), 44″x44″, oil on canvas


If you are interested in exploring commission artwork by ANDREI PETROV or any other MFA artist please feel free to contact the gallery for more details.



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