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TIMELESS REMNANTS Group Exhibition Opens Friday September 26th, 2014

27 Aug
New Abstract Artworks in a variety of media by MAYA FREELON ASANTE, GA GARDNER and CHOICHUN LEUNG
September 26th- October 17th, 2014


Friday, September 26th, 6pm-8pm

Jung stated that “in addition to our immediate consciousness, which is of a thoroughly personal nature…there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals. This collective unconscious does not develop individually, but is inherited”. The abstract artwork in Timeless Remnants combines elements of “inherited” collective memory consisting of pre-existent forms and each artist’s individual experience of life, colored with her/his unique culture, personality and life events.  Featured artists hail from varied countries of origin, and bring forward bountiful travels and experiences from around the world. Timeless Remnants explores that which resonates within the collective and individual memory and aims to elicit universal emotional response through techniques of script, mark making, composition, palette, texture, layering, energy and tensions present in the artwork.



MAYA FREELON ASANTE, Again & Again, 56"x58", tissue ink on paper

MAYA FREELON ASANTE, Again & Again, 56″x58″, tissue ink on paper

About MAYA FREELON ASANTE (Chapel Hill, b. USA): 

Maya Freelon Asante is an award-winning artist whose artwork was described by poet Maya Angelou as 
“visualizing the truth about the vulnerability and power of the human being,” and her unique tissue paper 
work was also praised by the International Review of African American Art as a “vibrant, beating 
assemblage of color.” She was selected by Modern Luxury Magazine as Best of the City 2013 and by the Huffington Post’s “Black Artists: 30 Contemporary Art Makers Under 40 You Should Know”.
Maya has exhibited her work nationally and internationally including Paris, Ghana, and US Embassies in 
Madagascar, Italy, Jamaica, and Swaziland. She has been a professor of art at Towson University and 
Morgan State University. Maya has attended numerous residencies including Skowhegan School of Painting 
and Sculpture, the Korobitey Institute and Brandywine Workshop. She earned a BA from Lafayette College and an MFA from the School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 
GA GARDNER, So You, 65"x42", mixed media on mylar

GA GARDNER, So You, 65″x42″, mixed media on mylar 

About GA GARDNER (Trinidad, b. Trinidad): 

GARDNER’S work is a visual representation of the proliferation of media and information in contemporary society and the resulting cacophony of messages it engenders. The goal of his work is to dissect and neutralize the white noise found in these forms of media and create cohesive stories that integrate his cultural background as an immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago living and working in the USA. He presents a Caribbean aesthetic in his art by utilizing colors, textures, and environments as the lens through which he sees urban contemporary life in America, weaving his cultural identity back into the fabric of our society. 

GA Gardner began his professional art career in New York City, creating and exhibiting large format 3D computer fine art in 1996. Gardner studied fine art at San Francisco State University, California, from which he earned both his Bachelor’s of Arts and Master’s of Arts degrees. Gardner crafted mixed media art and animation at The Ohio State University, Columbus, where he earned a Ph.D. in Art Education in 1995. Gardner has served as a professor of art and animation at various universities, including William Paterson University (Wayne, New Jersey); University of the District of Columbia; and George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia), and has been a lecturer at The Ohio State University.



CHOICHUN LEUNG, The Transparent Route, 48"x50", acrylic on canvas

CHOICHUN LEUNG, The Transparent Route, 48″x50″, acrylic on canvas 

About CHOICHUN LEUNG (New York, b. UK): 

LEUNG’s “Diplopia” series of paintings occurred after losing partial eyesight in 2013 and living with double vision for a period of half a year. During this time, her perspective as a visual artist changed drastically – she no longer saw detail in objects clearly, had no spacial depth of vision, saw contrast and light intensely and sounds became more acute. Moving objects were blurry as her eyes could not synchronize to follow movement.  The work in this series is an expression of what she experienced visually; when everything overlapped, and was blurry, intertwined and complex. Her “Diplopia” paintings are a record of the new way of seeing, which made her question her perception of reality of the senses, where loss created a new meaning of abstract impressions and color. 

CHOICHUN LEUNG was raised in Wales, born to a British mother and Chinese father. Leung earned a degree in 3D design specializing in metalsmithing in the U.K., and later operated a metal studio fabricating her vessel designs and percussion instruments. Leung participated in the Ray Man Chinese Orchestra in London, performing Chinese classical and folk music. She later studied Buddhist Symbolism at the Yangung Caves Archaeological Site in China. This is her forth exhibition at Morton Fine Art in Washington, DC.


About Morton Fine Art: 

Founded as an innovative solution to the changing contemporary art market, Morton Fine Art (MFA) is a fine art gallery and curatorial group that collaborates with art collectors and visual artists to inspire fresh ways of acquiring contemporary art. Firmly committed to the belief that anyone can become an art collector, MFA’s mission is to provide accessibility to museum-quality contemporary art through a combination of innovative exhibitions and a new generation of art services.

CHOICHUN LEUNG & JULES ARTHUR in American Art Collector Magazine, June 2014

22 May

The June 2014 issue of American Art Collector Magazine features beautiful photos of CHOICHUN LEUNG’s painting Remembering William and JULES ARTHUR’s Charley Patton in the home of collectors Stephen and Kristina Penhoet. Read about their inspiration and connection to the original artwork that they acquired from Morton Fine Art as well as a number of other notable artworks in their beautiful residency.



AAC Choi 1

AAC Choi 2

AAC Choi 2A

AAC Choi 4

AAC Choi 5

AAC Choi 6

AAC Choi 7

AAC Choi 8

Images from Beyond Yesterday: A Collection of Landscape Memories

19 May

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Now on view at Morton Fine Art through June 4th, 2013.  Please contact the gallery for availability and pricing details.


(202) 628-2787

“Works with Paper” reviewed in today’s Washington Post

28 Sep

Washington Post, Friday, September 28th, 2012, Style Section p. C8

“Taking Art Beyond the Frame”

by Mark Jenkins

‘Works with Paper’

GA Gardner arrays shards of cut, scraped and over-painted magazine clippings on sheets of mylar to make montages such as the one pictured above.

GA Gardner arrays shards of cut, scraped and over-painted magazine clippings on sheets of mylar to make montages such as the one pictured above.

The title of Morton Fine Art’s current group show, “Works with Paper,” suggests art that uses paper as medium. The exhibition does feature a few collages that combine paper with other substances, including plastic and metal. G.A. Gardner arrays shards of cut, scraped and over-painted magazine clippings on sheets of mylar to make such montages as “Dangerous,” a striking wall of brick-like shapes on a mostly black field. The show consists, mostly, however, of works on paper. These aren’t especially experimental, but many of them are appealingly bold, both in technique and size.

The paintings on paper, many of them representational, include Laurel Hausler’s portrayals of dolls in wax and oil, with one picture executed on a coffee stained sheet. Rosemary Feit makes stark black-and-white woodcuts that depict girls or women, often accompanied by animals. (There’s also an angrier-looking  one that incorporates red.) Using watering acrylics in darker hot colors, Choichun Leung executes billowing abstractions that suggest radio-telescope images of distant galaxies.

In one of the show’s largest pieces, Victor Ekpuk pairs pastel with graphite to depict a pulsing blue orb on a field of glyphs. The most memorable pictures are Vonn Sumner’s Mediterranean (or perhaps Red Sea) cityscapes, which achieve a contemporary air via an ancient form: They’re executed in tempera, with a warm-hued palette that suits their subject.


5 Sep


Group Exhibition of New Work by Nathaniel Donnett, Victor Ekpuk, Rosemary Feit Covey, GA Gardner, Laurel Hausler, Choichun Leung, Mario Andres Robinson and Vonn Sumner

September 14- October 9th, 2012



Friday, September 14th 6 – 8 pm


Morton Fine Art (MFA) is pleased to present Works with Paper, a group exhibition of new work by artists Nathaniel Donnett, Victor Ekpuk, Rosemary Feit Covey, GA Gardner, Laurel Hausler, Choichun Leung, Mario Andres Robinson and Vonn Sumner. The exhibition will be on display from September 14th through October 9th, 2012. The opening reception will be held on Friday, September 14th from 6 to 8 pm.

Works with Paper explores traditional and non-traditional use of paper in fine artwork.  Traditional mediums include watercolor, pastel and acyrlic work on paper. Non-traditional mediums include paper bags, layered wood engravings, coffee stained paper with sewing, and collage with paper.  Highlights of the exhibition include new cityscapes by Vonn Sumner, first view work on paper by Choichun Leung, new works from Mario Andres Robinson’s ongoing series of his muse “Plum”, cut out collage weaves by GA Gardner, innovative exploration of surface by Laurel Hausler and Rosemary Feit Covey, and artwork by artists Nathaniel Donnett and Victor Ekpuk which will also be on display at Morton Fine Art’s Fahrenheit Booth F7 at the Houston Fine Art Fair.


Online Images of CHOICHUN LEUNG’s Exhibition “Veils and Transparencies”

29 Mar

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22 Mar

“MFA ‘Unveils’ New Artwork”

by Jessica Farley

March 22, 2012

Photo credit: Jessica Farley

Photo credit: Jessica Farley

March 16th marked the launch of a new solo exhibition at Morton Fine Art Gallery, located on Florida Ave NW in DC. “Veils and Transparencies” by Choichun Lueng is a must-see for all of DC’s art aficionados!

This past Friday, March 16th, the cheese and crackers were out, the wine was chilled, and the latest artwork from contemporary painter Choichun Leung were on display in a new exhibit- “Veils and Transparencies” – featured at DC’s own Morton Fine Art.

A Glimpse at “Veils and Transparencies”

And, as the attendees of the exhibit launch would surely concur with, Leung’s work was nothing short of a striking visual experience.

Owner and chief curator at Morton Fine Art, Amy Morton, was busy days in advance preparing for the exhibit launch, by  “[doing] outreach to Choichun’s collectors, press and art enthusiasts.”  Leung, who is on Morton’s roster of regularly displayed artists, first worked with MFA and Morton in conjunction with *a pop-up project’s exhibition “Ritual: Form, Script, Gesture” in Bethesda in 2010, and then again in March of 2011 with a solo exhibition entitled “The Memory of Water.”

Described by Morton as “rhythmic, subtle [and] yet extremely rich in coloration and texture- timeless, atmospheric and deeply personal,” “Veils and Transparencies” left attendees of the exhibition opening in awe of Leung’s undeniable gifts as an artist and visual communicator. A departure from Leung’s signature “scripting” past works the paintings on display full of raw emotion and energy despite the lack of literal wording.

In fact, Leung describes her process as “purely emotional…governed by the materials, colors, and energies of the piece.” This was all too apparent at the “Veils and Transparencies” launch; Leung’s emotions were practically palpable as her pieces decorated the walls of MFA.

“Veils and Transparencies will be on display at MFA until April 11th. As for what MFA has planned for the rest of the spring season, Morton described the gallery as being “very busy!” with two more solo exhibitions and one large group exhibitions.

If Choichun Leung’s “Veils and Transparencies” was any indication, MFA’s upcoming displays are a definite must-see!

Click here to see upcoming events being held at MFA!