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Just in Time for Last-Minute Holiday Shopping, We’ve Rounded Up 10 Incredible Artworks Under $3,500

Affordable art from the Artnet Gallery Network makes the perfect holiday gift.

Artnet Gallery Network, December 19, 2022

It’s that time of year, when just about everyone is looking to do some last-minute holiday shopping—and we at the Artnet Gallery Network think art is just the thing. Between sculptures, photography, and paintings from galleries from Berlin to New York, you’ll be sure to fall in love with one of these distinctive pieces.

We’ve gathered here 10 affordable artworks, all under $3,500, from the Artnet Gallery Network that will make the perfect gift—whether for yourself or someone close to you. And this is only a small selection of the extensive range of art and artists that you too can explore from home through the Artnet Gallery Network. We regularly publish shortlists of artists we are currently watching or art that’s caught our eye, so make sure to watch for our next roundup in 2023!

Katherine Hattam, The Pinch (2021)

Katherine Hattam, The Pinch (2021). $1200. Courtesy of Morton Fine Art, Washington, DC.

Katherine Hattam, The Pinch (2021). $1,200. Courtesy of Morton Fine Art, Washington, DC.

Australian artist Katherine Hattam (b. 1950) uses feminist art history as a starting point for her practice, touching on themes, motifs, and symbols of contemporary feminist discourse. Frequently portraying landscapes and interior views, she commingles the psychological, internal world with the external, physical one. The results are vibrant compositions that add a sense of the mythical to the everyday.

Available artwork by KATHERINE HATTAM.

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