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MALIZA KIASUWA’s solo picked as “Best Gallery Exhibitions Summer 2021” by Observer

1 Jun

Best Gallery Exhibitions Summer 2021, From Salon 94 to Nancy Hoffman Gallery

By Erin Taylor • 06/01/21 11:59am

Welcome to Observer’s 2021 Summer Arts & Entertainment Preview, your full guide to the best the warmer months have to offer. The finest TV, movies, dance, opera, streaming theater, the visual arts and literature this season await you.

As the art world speeds to reopen in the midst of vaccinations happening nationwide, it seems that this summer will be the summer of the gallery. Gallery exhibitions, both solo and group, have always held a special place in the arts world as a place to discover emerging artists as well as appreciate long-term art world darlings. Summer 2021 across the country galleries open (or continue business as usual in the case of some) desiring a robust return of visitors to the art we love. It is of course, dizzying in a world of so much artistic talent to choose what gallery shows you wouldn’t want to miss yet we found a way.

The Pride of Origins” works by Maliza Kiasuwa in DC at Morton Fine Art (June 2 – June 30)

Kenyan artist Maliza Kiasuwa’s “The Pride of Origins” opens June 2nd at Morton Fine Art, featuring delicate mixed-media works made up of “bits and pieces” the artist collects during her daily walks. Combining traditional cultural methods of textile making with new techniques of mixed-media, Kiasuwa tackles through her work the relationship between globalization and the art world; the west and Africa; and the relationship we all have to the raw materials that make up the objects we use daily. Only showing throughout June, gallery goers in Washington D.C. won’t want to miss taking in Kiasuwa’s complex and important works. 

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Available Artwork by MALIZA KIASUWA.