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MFA’s NATE LEWIS and AMBER ROBLES-GORDON at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design

29 Sep



The Mosaic Project: Amber Robles Gordon and Nate Lewis

The 9th annual Mosaic Project:

Amber Robles Gordon and Nate Lewis

Made possible in part by a grant from the Richard S. & Ann B, Barshinger Family Foundation

Oct 2ndDec 8th

First Friday receptions October 6, Nov 3 and Dec 1

Amber Robles Gordon

Amber Robles-Gordon, is a mixed media visual artist.  She primarily works and is known for her use of found objects and textile to create assemblages, large-scale sculptures and installations.  Her work is representational of her experiences and the paradoxes within the female experience.

Nate Lewis

Nate Lewis is a self taught artist, drawing inspiration from anatomy, physiology, disease processes and his nursing experience as a care taker of patients and their family members he creates stunning, intricate 2-3d sculptures out of single sheets of paper that visually combines the aesthetics of drawing, sculpture, etching, embroidery, and textiles.

The Mosaic Project: The significance of art in the lives of our youth cannot be underestimated. Yet, just when research is finally emerging that supports this, budget cuts and curricular demands are threatening the foundation of creativity in our public schools. In order to fill that gap as well as enrich the community, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design developed The Mosaic Project, a multicultural exhibition and education program for students and families in Lancaster County.


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Introducing German painter ASTRID KOHLER to Morton Fine Art’s roster

19 Sep

Morton Fine Art is thrilled to introduce German artist ASTRID KOHLER to our roster.

“‘You see, what you see’

Astrid Köhler could have been a marvellous art forger also. Her technical competence, as well as the capability to capture different genres, themes, styles and making them her own is obvious to the less professional observer even at first glance. Her pictures are painted in such a perfect manner, that nobody would ever come up with the idea to get a child to copy her work like a painting by Picasso.

However, Astrid Köhler is not content with simple reproduction – neither with deceptively real imitations of works of art nor with the most realistic representation of drapery or the heads of matches, baby animal fur or plumage. Instead, persons portrayed by her wear paper bag hats, the fruit in her still life wear bandages – and from time to time, she also chooses ironic titles for her work. Such a break with artistic tradition because of a subject, the subversion of a beautiful depiction, perfectly executed to the last detail, through an incongruent, resistive element, and the combination of maximum virtuosity and shoddy objects can be found in many of her works – for instance, in the wrinkled handkerchiefs on old paper or wallpaper, which equally remind one of mannerism or … a flat iron.

This restoration of art to everyday life, the repatriation of la objet trouvé back into the daily routine of the kitchen presumably is one reason for the accessibility of her pictures and – with all respect for the virtuosity – makes them so very much likeable. They are instantly appealing and one can imagine them in one’s own living room as well as on display in a grand museum or art gallery. However, her work is anything but merely cute and innocuous. It is always full of tension, ranging from vague ambiguity to candid surrealism. Thus, something violent adheres to the graffiti bar in the  Crossed-out group of works; the energetically sprayed red drops over delicate and pretty birds could provoke thoughts of blood as well. Nevertheless you have good reason for being just enraptured by Astrid Köhler’s paintings. Albeit you won’t get disappointed if you are looking for more than exceptional skill and pictorial intelligence.”

If you would like to learn more about Astrid Kohler or if you would like to see her work in person, please contact the gallery.

Morton Fine Art, 1781 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20009

(202) 628-2787

Click HERE to view available artwork by ASTRID KOHLER. 

ASTRID KOHLER, Frau mit Kanarienvogel, 2017, 12″x12″, oil on canvas


ASTRID KOHLER, Madchen mit Schleife, 2017, 9.5″x7″, oil on canvas


ASTRID KOHLER, Schlechtes Pferdebild 2, 2017, 20″x16″, oil and mixed media on paper


ASTRID KOHLER, Gruenes Portrait 2, 9.5″x12″, oil on canvas


ASTRID KOHLER, Schlechtes Pferdebild 3, 2017, 16″x20″, oil and mixed media on paper


ASTRID KOHLER, Juengling mit Kardinal, 2017, 9.5″x7″, oil on canvas


ASTRID KOHLER, Porzellanhaut, 2017, 9.5″x12″, oil on canvas


ASTRID KOHLER, Frau mit Vogel 3, 2017, 9.5″x7″, oil on canvas



12 Sep
Morton Fine Art is happy to announce the recent arrival of new tissue paper and ink and tissue ink monoprint artworks by MAYA FREELON ASANTE.
About Maya Freelon Asante:
Maya Freelon Asante is an award-winning artist whose artwork was described by poet Maya Angelou as “visualizing the truth about the vulnerability and power of the human being,” and her unique tissue paper work was also praised by the International Review of African American Art as a “vibrant, beating assemblage of color.” She was selected by Modern Luxury Magazine as Best of the City 2013, by the Huffington Post’s “Black Artists: 30 Contemporary Art Makers Under 40 You Should Know”, and Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “Art Stars” as “the most badass female artists in the biz.” Maya has exhibited her work nationally and internationally including Paris, Ghana, and US Embassies in Madagascar, Italy, Jamaica and Swaziland. She has been a professor of art at Towson University and Morgan State University. Maya has attended numerous residencies including Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, the Korobitey Institute and Brandywine Workshop. She earned a BA from Lafayette College and an MFA from the Museum School in Boston.

Maya Freelon Asante, The Art of Daring Campaign for Cadillac, 2017


Maya Freelon Asante, Intuitions, 2017, tissue ink monoprint, 44″x 44″



Maya Freelon Asante, Transitions, 2017, tissue and ink, 30″x 20″



Maya Freelon Asante, Synergy, 2017, tissue ink monoprint, 44″x 80″​
(**Not currently housed at the gallery but can be brought in by request)


Click HERE to view available artwork by MAYA FREELON ASANTE.

Morton Fine Art, 1781 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

(202) 628-2787



6 Sep

Private Domain, 52″x53″, acrylic and sumi ink on stretched paper


Nursery II, 60″x36″, acrylic and sumi ink on stretched paper


The Fall, 45″x85″, acrylic and sumi ink on stretched paper


Blue Black Water, 60″x90″, acrylic and ink on canvas


“My work’s abstractions arise from the subjects I portray: ecological and geological cycles, processes of chemical corrosion and natural efflorescence. With roots in traditions of Chinese landscape painting, my monumentally sized paintings and installations evolve a fantastic, abstract vision of the natural world.

The paper on which I paint is not only a recognition of a tradition of Chinese painting; it is also a medium of vulnerability and expansiveness, susceptible to crease and tear as well as to collage and collation.
In my most recent work, I hope to live in the tradition of landscape painting, experiencing it for what it has always been: an occasion for radical experimentation and confrontation with the world, in the broadest sense of the term that sustains us.” – KATHERINE MANN, 2017