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18 Jul
Unfixed, 2017, oil, watercolor and gouache on monoprint, 7″x 13.5″
We are excited to announce the arrival of three new pieces by mixed media fiber artist JULIA MAE BANCROFT as she continues to develop her series entitled Mending Moments, which was born in the late fall of 2016.  Here are a few words on her creative process:

“I am constantly collecting various pieces of inspiration including photographs, insects, plant life, memories, fabric and fibers.  I begin creating simply by observing these pieces of inspiration and meditating on their arrangement.  Slowly a narrative begins to reveal itself.  In a back-and-forth process of mark making and stitching this narrative, which began as a scattered observation, develops into its own moment.  The careful repetitive nature of stitching and binding my materials by hand allows me to enter a very tranquil and introspective space throughout the creative process and always leaves me feeling intimately attached to the artwork I create.”

— JMB 2017
Moonlit Overcast, 2017, mixed media on wood panel hand-bound in linen thread, 26″x 24″
If you would like any additional details or information please contact us here at Morton Fine Art and click HERE to view other available work by the artist on our website.  Bancroft’s paintings are best observed when the naked eye can explore the highly textured surface and intricate incorporation of natural fibers.  Stop by the gallery anytime to see this incredible work up close in person!
Ida Hill, 2017, oil, watercolor and gouache with hand-stitching on photograph, 10″x 5″ (SOLD)