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New Work: JULIA MAE BANCROFT’s “Mending Moments” Series

2 Feb


Constance and Mallory, 2016, 5″x5″, oil, watercolor , ink with hand-stitching on photograph
In this series, Julia Mae Bancroft intricately and thoughtfully hand-stitches her mixed media artworks on paper. Each piece incorporates natural fibers including hemp, Merino wool and bamboo to complement her figurative monoprint drawings which are also laced with oil paint, watercolor paint and conte crayon. A typical artwork in her series Mending Moments takes 40-60 hours to complete.
“Mending Moments is a title that describes both the literal process and conceptual ideas behind the artwork I make. I carefully “mend” the surface of my images by stitching various fibers directly into the paper by hand, rearranging its parts and binding the pieces back together to form a new ethereal moment for reflection.” – JULIA MAE BANCROFT
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