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ROSEMARY FEIT COVEY’s “North Pole Series”

15 Mar
About ROSEMARY FEIT COVEY’s “North Pole Series”-
Visiting the North Pole is a life changing experience. Seeing vastness of the ice flow and lonely pursuit for food of the polar bear is very different from seeing the usual frolicking bears in picture postcards. It is a majestic and unforgiving environment.
The five large ice panels in the series, combine wood engravings, painting and plastics to create an abstracted version of the arctic landscape.  Several smaller pieces depict the bears themselves. The use of plastics to create this series of work was included as both a relevant, thematic and artistic decision.  Plastics are oil products and both literally (floating around in the water) and in terms of drilling raise issues of global consequence. Transparent sheets of plastic and store carry bags add texture and layering. Producing a  translucent  quality which adds surface interest and the effect of light on the ice and water. – ROSEMARY FEIT COVEY, 2016

Polar Bear
Wood engraving , acrylic paint, Japanese paper on canvas
30 x 20 inches

Sole Swimmer (3 panels)
Acrylic paint, Japanese paper, plastics on canvas
42 x 36 inches each panel

Black Ice (5 panels)
Wood engraving, acrylic paint, plastic on canvas
72 x 30 inches each panel
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