Harpo Foundation : NATHANIEL DONNETT and Contemporary Art Museum Houston

16 Dec


Nathaniel Donnett and Contemporary Art Museum Houston

Harpo Foundation is pleased to provide project support for Nathaniel Donnett’s “Nothing to See Hear” for Contemporary Art Museum Houston’s exhibition “Right Here, Right Now:
Houston.” “Nothing to See Hear” is an investigation into how sound and light can create a space of remembrance and meditation. Through the use of minimalist gestures, Donnett has created an immersive environment that integrates light, sound, sculpture, and works on paper that give visibility to the contemporary portrayals of resistance and protest, loss and mourning. Donnett pays homage to the numerous men and women who have died while placing themselves on the front line for justice. His installation functions as a visual eulogy to their sacrifice as well as a conscious and thought provoking call toward social awareness.

On left: ”Nothing To See Hear” on view at "Right Here, Right Now: Houston".  On right: “Innocence," synthetic and human hair, graphite on paper bags 30in x 43in 2013.

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