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Nathaniel Donnett Performance Piece at Contemporary Art Museum Houston

28 Oct

Nathaniel Donnett’s performance of In Memory Of… at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston was held in conjunction with his exhibition Nothing to See Hear. The performance explored the trauma, emotion, and social effects of police brutality and violence on the community at large. Among the performance collaborators who took part in Donnett’s piece were independent candidate for US Congress Maurice Duhon, spoken word and performance artist Angela Olivia Guillory, dancer Chinelo Ikejimba, rapper The Niyat, and DJ Flash Gordon Parks.

You can see a recording of the video here:

Nathaniel Donnett’s exhibition Nothing to See Hear looks at how spaces of thought and memory can be created by utilizing sound and light. Donnett has created an immersive environment that integrates light, sound, sculpture, and works on paper that give visibility to the contemporary portrayals of resistance, protest, loss and mourning. Donnett pays homage to the numerous men and women who have died while placing themselves on the front line for justice. His installation functions as a visual eulogy to their sacrifice as well as a conscious and thought provoking call toward social awareness.

Hear his own words about the exhibition below.

Donnett will have another performance piece entitled The Universe Revolves Around Rhythm; So Give The Drummer Some. The piece, which will feature The Fana Drummers, a multi-African drum ensemble, will explore the different usages of drums (as musical instruments, devices for language and communication, protests against oppression, etc).

For available works by Nathaniel Donnett, please go HERE.