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18 Sep

Artist CHARLES WILLIAMS launches new monoprint etchings and drawings from his series “Swim”.

About “Swim”:

As an artist, I am inspired to explore the relationship of human emotions and the natural environment.  The psychological elements within the imagery reveal moments of truth that sometimes contain social conflicting viewpoints. Humbling experiences in my life have had a strong influence on my choice of subject matter. The people, landscapes and objects serve to orchestrate messages of hope, knowledge and understanding of the commonality of humanity and to entice the viewer to question and discover unfamiliar perspectives.


Charles Williams, Air Forces, 9"x6", etching

Charles Williams, Air Forces, 9″x6″, etching


Charles Williams, Young King, 9"x6", graphite on paper

Charles Williams, Young King, 9″x6″, graphite on paper


Charles Williams, Cortez, 9"x6", etching on paper

Charles Williams, Cortez, 9″x6″, etching on paper


Charles Williams, Concord, 9"x6", etching

Charles Williams, Concord, 9″x6″, etching


Please contact Morton Fine Art for available artwork in this series.
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