Amazing slideshow of ETHAN DIEHL’s grayscale painting process (41,472 squares on a 24″x48″ canvas)

15 Jul

ETHAN DIEHL’s “Navigator” at Morton Fine Art!

Here is a slideshow documenting ETHAN DIEHL’s meticulous painting process. His 24″x48″ canvas is comprised of 41,472 gray scale squares which create his dynamic figurative narrative painting, “Navigator”. The painting appears photo-realistic from a distance and abstracted with geometric square forms close up.  Simply amazing!  ETHAN DIEHL’s process is very time consuming, taking months to create a single painting of this size.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


“Navigator”, 24 x 48, oil on canvas, 41,472 squares

Please contact Morton Fine Art for available work by this amazing contemporary artist!

(202) 628-2787

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