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VICTOR EKPUK in “Artists of Nigeria” by Onyema Offoedu-Okeke

24 Jul

VICTOR EKPUK prominently featured in “Artists of Nigeria”, an anthology on Nigerian Art written by ONYEMA OFFOEDU-OKEKE. Please contact Morton Fine Art LLC for available works by this amazing internationally renowned artist!

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Artists of Nigeria Cover web

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VICTOR EKPUK’s Drawings on View at Arkansas Art Center July 18 – October 5, 2014

17 Jul






While he was growing up in Nigeria, Victor Ekpuk would see nsibidi symbols inscribed on things and places. He didn’t know the specific meanings of each mark – only that he must avoid what was marked in this way. These were the signs of an adult male secret society of which the boy was not a member. Therefore, these marks were part of his life, and yet were “other” to him. It was only when he began to study art at Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria that he investigated the more particular meanings and history of the strange linear characters. He discovered that nsibidi symbols have a long history of being painted, inscribed, engraved, sculpted and performed in southeastern Nigeria. Ekpuk has founded his personal artistic vocabulary in his own versions of nsibidi, adapting the meanings and forms to his own expression.Ekpuk’s linear writing-drawing is by no means an exact transcription of nsibidi, nor are all of the parts of this person visual language derived from the artist’s African background. He has travelled to many parts of the world and found symbols all around him. He does not assign a specific significance to every mark. The shapes that come together in the African-American artist’s drawings, paintings and sculpture function as abstractly as any patterning in western-based modern art. Yet, the roots of his work in writing and symbolism charge every mark, shape, and area of color with meaning.Ekpuk’s work bridges divides between writing and drawing, painting and drawing, the modern and the ancient. He creates art in many media, including drawings on paper, paintings and painted ceramics. He also creates wall-sized temporary drawings in installations around the world. Ekpuk’s recent ephemeral installations include his chalk drawing for the exhibition Auto-Graphics: Recent Drawings by Victor Ekpuk at the Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an installation for the 11th Biennale of African Contemporary art, Dak’Art, in Dakar, Senegal.

Ekpuk’s entries in the 12th NDI include two framed permanent drawings. The drawing Dis Amsterdam Life is a reflection upon his experiences in 2007 as an artist in residence at the Thami Mnyele Foundation in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Composition #2 combines the bold light and dark pattern symbolic of a leopard’s spots with the intricate figures of Ekpuk’s own abstract drawing vocabulary.

Ekpuk will also make a wall-sized ephemeral drawing which will appear between August 20th and 22nd. This drawing in paint markers on the wall will be inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” from his Ninth Symphony. This is the first time that Ekpuk will draw from music. Like most wall drawings in museums, Ekpuk’s Ode to Joy will be destroyed at the end of the exhibition. The ephemeral nature of the work adds to the intensity of experience while it is on the wall. The artist’s process of drawing and the resulting work will be filmed and thus images of it will be preserved when the music has faded and the drawing is gone.

Surely, most of the marks that humans have made on walls since before recorded history have been expunged as Ekpuk’s drawing on the wall of the Arkansas Arts Center will be. Others have stood through the millennia on the walls of caves and rock shelters around the world. Ekpuk’s drawings, whether on paper or on walls, make their way around the world through photography and the internet. In this way, they are shared with audiences scattered in both space and time.

Ann Prentice Wagner
Curator of Drawings, Arkansas Art Center


  • dis Amsterdam Life
    circa 2008
    pastel and graphite on paper
    50 x 50 inches
    Courtesy of the Artist
  • Composition #2
    circa 2009
    pastel and graphite on paper
    50 x 50 inches
    Courtesy of the Artist
  • State of Beings (Totem)
    installation at Dak’Art 2014
    acrylic vinyl and metal on wood panel and vinyl mat
    installation, 220 x 510 x 452 x 4 cm


Amazing slideshow of ETHAN DIEHL’s grayscale painting process (41,472 squares on a 24″x48″ canvas)

15 Jul

ETHAN DIEHL’s “Navigator” at Morton Fine Art!

Here is a slideshow documenting ETHAN DIEHL’s meticulous painting process. His 24″x48″ canvas is comprised of 41,472 gray scale squares which create his dynamic figurative narrative painting, “Navigator”. The painting appears photo-realistic from a distance and abstracted with geometric square forms close up.  Simply amazing!  ETHAN DIEHL’s process is very time consuming, taking months to create a single painting of this size.

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“Navigator”, 24 x 48, oil on canvas, 41,472 squares

Please contact Morton Fine Art for available work by this amazing contemporary artist!

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ANDREI PETROV’s commission painting after his sketch “Arctic Retreat”

9 Jul

Ever been curious of how commissioning a painting works?  Here’s a wonderful example of how NYC-based abstract painter ANDREI PETROV transformed his informal sketch “Arctic Retreat” into a full blown finished painting “South Pole Soiree”.

First, a collector fell in love with his small sketch created in oil on panel. The title of the sketch is “Arctic Retreat” which measures 9″x13.5″ unframed. This work is a process painting and stands strong when framed and displayed on its own, however our collector needed a much larger piece for her space and preferences.

ANDREI PETROV, Arctic Retreat, 9"x13.5", oil on panel

ANDREI PETROV, Arctic Retreat, 9″x13.5″, oil on panel


Next, our collector determined the ideal size and format for her commission project.  She determined a square 44″x44″ piece would be best for her space.  She also described the elements she responded to in the sketch including palette, composition and detailing.  ANDREI PETROV reviewed her specs and agreed to create a commission based on “Arctic Retreat”.  He kindly agreed to provide a halfway image of the commission painting to the collector which can be seen below.


ANDREI PETROV, South Pole Soiree (Stage 1 - Halfway Image), 44"x

ANDREI PETROV, South Pole Soiree (Stage 1 – Halfway Image), 44″x44″, oil on canvas


Finally, additional paint layering was added until the painting was complete.  Once finished, the commission piece was set to dry and then shipped to Morton Fine Art for our collector!


ANDREI PETROV, South Pole Soiree (FINAL), 44"x44", oil on canvas

ANDREI PETROV, South Pole Soiree (FINAL), 44″x44″, oil on canvas


If you are interested in exploring commission artwork by ANDREI PETROV or any other MFA artist please feel free to contact the gallery for more details.

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Available Paintings by ETHAN DIEHL

2 Jul


ETHAN DIEHL's meticulous gray scale grids on canvas

ETHAN DIEHL’s meticulous gray scale grids on canvas

Specializing in figurative narratives and typically painting in gray scale, ETHAN DIEHL uses a grid system to create his work. His 48 x 60” paintings are comprised of approximately 104,000 squares per canvas, with the end result producing “unreal realism” of emotionally and visually complex images.

Available paintings include:

ETHAN DIEHL, "Navigator", 24"x48", oil on canvas

ETHAN DIEHL, “Navigator”, 24″x48″, oil on canvas


ETHAN DIEHL, "Vigilance", 36"x60", oil on canvas

ETHAN DIEHL, “Vigilance”, 36″x60″, oil on canvas


ETHAN DIEHL, "Flavors", 24"x48", oil on canvas

ETHAN DIEHL, “Flavors”, 24″x48″, oil on canvas

For additional details please contact Morton Fine Art.

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