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View images of ANDREI PETROV’s exhibition “Sedition of Sound”

3 Apr


New Oil Paintings by ANDREI PETROV

March 28 – April 22, 2014


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Morton Fine Art (MFA)

1781 Florida Ave NW (at 18th & U Sts)

Washington, DC 20009


Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm

Sunday 12pm-5pm

About the inspiration for Sedition of Sound:

In the 20th century music has served as a medium to express injustice, lack of freedom, loss of love and opposition to war.
The blues from the field recordings from the Delta in the twenties or the protest songs from the sixties both evoked unjust circumstances that demanded change. Power from song extended the messages, of speeches and protests, through records played on the airwaves or at home and shaped imagination.

This series of paintings is a reflecting pool of the shifting moods and sentiments captured in those recordings. – Andrei Petrov

About ANDREI PETROV’s process (New York, b. USA):

The production of a painting begins with a pencil or ink drawing on paper which I extrapolate from and edit as I work the canvas. First with pencil or charcoal and then with color washes done with acrylic or ink, I map the raw canvas and allow it to be ingrained with the materials. Once satisfied with the composition and balance, the surface is sealed with a clear acrylic so as to allow the use of oil based pigments. Handmade tools are used to drag, apply, scrape and blend the paint across the canvas plane. Sandpaper and rags also propel the evolution of the work. The addition and subtraction of paint are meant to act as a metaphor for the intentions and motives for which the paintings are based. – Andrei Petrov