New Work by Nigerian artist VICTOR EKPUK

30 Jan

Fresh off the easel of internationally renowned artist, VICTOR EKPUK!


(Washington, DC b. Nigeria)

“The central theme of my work is the exploration of the relationships, challenges and responses to changes that characterize the human condition. Of particular interest to my project is Nsibidi, an indigenous African system of writing that employs graphic signs, and codes to convey concepts. Inspired by this ancient writings, forms in my works are reduced to basic essence resulting in new symbols or codes in script-like drawings that are used to express contemporary experiences. When combined with Nsibidi signs, these “scripts” also provide the background narrative to my compositions. Most often these narratives are better perceived when they are felt rather than read literally.”            -Victor Ekpuk

Works in selected permanent collections

Smithsonian Institution Nation Museum of African Art, Washington DC

Newark Museum, New Jersey

The World Bank, Washington DC

University of Maryland University College Art Collection

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