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NATHANIEL DONNETT “The best of the Houston Fine Art Fair”

16 Sep

The best of the Houston Fine Art Fair: See the work that’s wowing a city

                              by Tyler Rudick for Culture Map Houston

The 2012 Houston Fine Art Fair is in the home stretch of its four-day run. It’s showcased some of the biggest names in modern and contemporary art, including new talent like Karin Waskiewicz at the Schroeder Romero & Shredder booth and Jari “WERC” Alvarez at the Cheech Marin-curated Thomas Paul booth.

Here are some highlights after CultureMap’s sweep of more than 80 galleries.

Image 6 : Houston-based artist Nathaniel Donnett has several captivating works on display with D.C. Morton Fine Art.

Fusing political and social commentary with personal narrative and psychology, Donnett reworks the symbols and signs of everyday life into layered, historical readings of the human condition.

“The red shape is taken from one of my favorite albums, De La Soul Is Dead,” the artist tells CultureMap. “I like to add elements from my own life on top of the social critique.”


ABOVE: Nathaniel Donnett, Scotomas Are Larger Than They Appear, conte, graphite and acrylic on paper bags, courtesy Morton Fine Art, Washington, D.C.

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