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Morton Fine Art & Paddle8 at HFAF

23 Aug

What we do

Paddle8 is an online destination that offers international collectors access to a selection of works from the world’s leading galleries, foundations, and art fairs. Complimented by editorial projects, Paddle8 members can navigate the market and enhance their own personal knowledge. For galleries, Paddle8 provides the opportunity to amplify outreach to potential clientele and offers a suite of tools and services designed to ease the sales process.

How we do it

Paddle8 leverages technology to allow members to view and acquire art with eased shipping, insurance, installation and payment utilizing the web to provide efficient access and context for a broader audience. Paddle8 members have the opportunity to access this artwork and information through various channels including educational content, individual gallery pages, art fairs, and benefit auctions. The interplay of these features and ability to acquire makes Paddle8 unique.

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