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MAYA FREELON ASANTE in Scientific American

29 Aug
Maya Freelon Asante, Spectra, spinning tissue ink monoprint

Maya Freelon Asante, Spectra, spinning tissue ink monoprint

“Spectra,” by Maya Freelon Asante

“I use ‘bleeding’ tissue paper, water and archival pulp substrate to capture the chaotic movement of water and color blending on a spinning surface. By mounting my project on a potter’s wheel, I’m able to stand above my work, and while in motion use the wet tissue like a brush. As the wheel turns at different velocities and intervals, the ink spreads and mixes with other colors while simultaneously the intricate stains are absorbed into the pulp substrate permanently. The distribution of ink undergoing circular motion evolves in such a way that the gradient of the paint density changes with time and regions such as attractors, islands or basins appear. The colors then escape to infinity forming chaos artwork.”—Maya Freelon Asante

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28 Aug

Visit Art in Embassies online to view the latest featured artwork for Kingston, Jamaica.

Featured artists include:

Maya Freelon Asante, GA Gardner, Sam Gilliam, Jo Ann Jones, Lois Mailou Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Norman Lewis, Lorna Simpson, Ruben Ubiera, Kehinde Wiley

Morton Fine Art & Paddle8 at HFAF

23 Aug

What we do

Paddle8 is an online destination that offers international collectors access to a selection of works from the world’s leading galleries, foundations, and art fairs. Complimented by editorial projects, Paddle8 members can navigate the market and enhance their own personal knowledge. For galleries, Paddle8 provides the opportunity to amplify outreach to potential clientele and offers a suite of tools and services designed to ease the sales process.

How we do it

Paddle8 leverages technology to allow members to view and acquire art with eased shipping, insurance, installation and payment utilizing the web to provide efficient access and context for a broader audience. Paddle8 members have the opportunity to access this artwork and information through various channels including educational content, individual gallery pages, art fairs, and benefit auctions. The interplay of these features and ability to acquire makes Paddle8 unique.

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MAYA FREELON ASANTE in “Material Girls: Contemporary Black Women Artists” opens at Spelman

21 Aug

Opens Sept. 6, 2012

Martha Jackson Javis, 'Scent of Magnolia I, II, III'_2_The seven artists featured in Material Girls: Contemporary Black Women Artists create three-dimensional works that exemplify the value of organic and man-made materials. Incorporating a range of materials including hair, beads, tissue paper, volcanic stone, rubber tires, and plastic, the artists are keenly attentive to the pleasures derived from the sense of touch. Using delicate and resilient materials, the artists have constructed monumental sculptures, shaped richly textured surfaces, applied intricate handiwork, and created provocative assemblages.

Above image is Martha Jackson Jarvis pulling Scent of Magnolia I, II and III, 2008.Stone, Concrete, Glass. Scent of Magnolia I, 3.5’ x 10’ x 3’; Scent of Magnolia II,3.5’ x 8’ x 3’; Scent of Magnolia III,3.5’ x 5’ x 3’. Courtesy the artist.

Material Girls: Contemporary Black Women Artists, features work by Chakaia Booker, Sonya Clark, Maya Freelon Asante, Maren Hassinger, Martha Jackson Jarvis, Joyce J. Scott, and Renée Stout. On view at the Spelman College Museum of Fine Art Sept. 6 through Dec. 1, 2012, this exhibition explores the innovative ways that Black women artists fuse fine art and craft.

Material Girls: Contemporary Black Women Artists was developed and organized by the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture. This exhibition was curated by Michelle Joan Wilkinson, Ph.D.

Morton Fine Art FAHRENHEIT BOOTH F7 at Houston Fine Art Fair

14 Aug

Thursday, Sept. 13 | 6 – 9pm | VIP Opening Preview Party (for VIP pass holders) Benefitting The Core Program of the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Opening Reception | 7:30 – 9pm (for PREFERRED pass holders)

Regular Fair Hours: Friday, Sept. 14 | 11am – 7pm Saturday, Sept. 15 | 11am – 7pm Sunday, Sept. 16 | 11am – 6pm

About Fahrenheit at the Houston Fine Art Fair:

Houston is a fertile terrain for nurturing young upstart galleries. Searching the nation, we have uncovered an exciting set of emerging galleries who have been invited to participate in the Fahrenheit section. Fairgoers will have the opportunity to explore, and discover these trendy new, hot galleries that are re-defining the cutting edge of contemporary art.

About Houston Fine Art Fair (HFAF):

The second annual Houston Fine Art Fair returns for an eagerly awaited encore. Last year, 10,500 enthusiastic art lovers explored the offerings of 83 dealers. As the first ever fine art fair in Houston, it blew the cover off the country’s best-kept secret. With the rousing success in show attendance and impressive art sales, Houston is now becoming recognized as the new cultural gem of the US – home to major museums, a thriving gallery scene and a strong base of passionate collectors and patrons.

The fair moves to Reliant Center this year in efforts to grow into and serve as the anchor art event of the south central region. As the leading entertainment complex in the state, many of the best attended cultural, sporting and public events in Texas are held at Reliant Center. The fair site is adjacent to Reliant Park, home stadium of the popular NFL Houston Texans. Reliant Center also neighbors the world respected Houston Medical Center.

HFAF aspires to reflect Houston’s sophisticated and diverse collecting practices, where art enthusiasts will encounter an international cross-section of works in all media, from post-war to the present. With the support of our discerning Selection Committee some 75+ distinctive exhibitors were chosen from across US, Latin America and Europe will be participating in the fair in 2012. Only 65% of exhibitor applications received were accepted for participation. The fair will feature modern and contemporary masters, mid-career and emerging artists from around the globe. HFAF will also feature memorable on-site installations, special projects, and an invigorating program of panel discussions designed for both novice and experienced collectors.

MAYA FREELON ASANTE Ubuntu Installation at MFA

2 Aug

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