“She’s A Collector” Series Part 3: Interview with “Artinista”, Juanita Hardy

26 Mar

March 22, 2012 Posted by Chief Artinista

Artinista: Juanita Hardy, Co-Founder of the Millennium Arts Salon, Small Business Owner, Silver Spring, Maryland

AAA: How long have you been collecting?

Juanita: Since 1985.

AAA: What was the first fine art piece that you purchased?

Juanita: A Romare Bearden lithograph from his Odyssey Series.

AAA: How did you become interested in collecting fine art?

Juanita: A small piece I purchased from a street vendor in 1985. It [depicted] an African woman with a basket on her head, colored with paint and butterfly wings in hues of yellow. I had it beautifully framed in a gold frame and it felt good to hang it on my wall. The spirit of the piece warmed my heart and space. Then I decided to that I wanted to collect more art- have it around me, nurturing me.

AAA: What is the best thing you like about collecting art?

Juanita: The joy of hanging the work on my walls and experincing that feeling described in my answer to question #3. Talking/exchanging with the artists. Encouraging artists to continue painting by being a patron. Another joy is collecting/preserving history, which is what many of the artists, especially those who have made their transition, represent.

AAA: What is your advice to women who are interested in starting a fine art collection?

Juanita: Do some research – go to galleries, read books, catalogs, talk to others that are collecting. Develop a plan, [identify] artists whose work you want to purchase and what the price range may be. Then implement – purchase what you like.

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