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VONN SUMNER’S ‘Late Empire Style’ – Exhibition Images

27 Sep

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New Work by Rosemary Feit Covey

20 Sep

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The exact medium is hand & machine printed wood engraving with acrylic paint & ink on japanese paper mounted on panel.  To view more available works by Rosemary Feit Covey please click on the following link: Artists/Rosemary FEIT COVEY/1/caption

Iranian Identity and Expression in Art

12 Sep

Hadieh Shafie, an Iranian-born artist who incorporates Farsi calligraphy and repeating patterns into her art, is currently exhibiting her work at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

AAM takes a closer look at Shafie’s work with a visit to her studio and an exploration of the links between identity and expression.

General Guidelines for Hanging Artworks Tip #1

8 Sep

First, and most important – hang at eye level! The eye level (your horizon) is the distance between the floor and your eyes. The general rule for defining eye level is 60″ at the center point of the artwork. Depending your eye’s intuitive preferences this can range from 57″ to 62″ though. Pick the distance you think is appropriate and and align all of your paintings with it. It should coincide with the invisible vertical line that divides the painting in half. Don’t worry if the artwork you want to hang differs in size – just make sure the half-height line lies on eye level and your artwork collection will look orderly.

Hadieh Shafie Interview in Farsi

6 Sep

This video was filmed for Voice of America in Farsi. It has wonderful documentation of her recent solo exhibition at Morton Fine Art, The Sweet Turning of the Page.  Visit  for available artwork by this internationally renowned Iranian-born artist.  Another interview in English will be featured in next week’s MFA blog.