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Boys Be Good – Debut Exhibition at MFA Friday 7/22 6pm-8pm

12 Jul

“Boys Be Good is an artist collective consisting of six young gay men living in America. We are based in Washington, DC and are comprised of artists from all backgrounds and areas of the country working in a variety of mediums and disciplines. We were originally formed in response to the emotionally and politically charged censorship of David Wojnarowicz’s work at the recent Hide/Seek exhibition at Smithsonian’s Museum of American Art. Through our creative work and intellectual curiosity, we hope to challenge the stereotype of “homosexual art” and seek to explore the impact gay art and culture have on society while encouraging change and creative mutation within these same realms. Our oeuvre will become a series of investigations into the crucial events, moments and thoughts that we collectively feel are inescapable in queer biography.

It is through our collective exploration of these common biographic and thematic milestones that we hope to connect with our community and offer poetic ruminations on what it means to be who we are, both collectively and individually. We will exploit the multiplicity of ideas and diversity of experiences in the collective to augment the strength of our ideas and vibrancy of dialogue. By focusing on these individual moments in a gay man’s life we aim to find and create new connections and theories inside that specificity, striving to create new intellectual and interpersonal connections within our community.

If in the eyes of others we are not equal, then we must strive to create a new gaze, a new way of seeing. If in the minds of others we are different, then we must use the tools we know best to insist on a more honest understanding of what it means to be alive. “