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Debutantes & Feral Children

17 Sep

Join us this evening from 6- 9 pm for Washington, DC artist Laurel Hausler’s exhibition opening titled Debutantes & Feral Children!

The exhibition explores the unexpected overlaps that are shared between the outwardly refined debutante and her paradox, the feral child.  Inspired by World War II era images, Laurel studied the faces of hundreds of debutante women with the intent of emotionally exploring each subject at the time of their heyday and introduction to society. In the artist’s words, the depictions of feral children are not literal representations but instead they imply the possibility that a woman’s nature can be both part debutante and part feral child.

We re-hung the gallery yesterday afternoon with the new works: here is a sneak peak!

Laurel Gallery Scramble

Debutantes & Feral Children will be on display at MFA until October 14.  The exhibition includes several of Laurel’s works on paper as well as oils on canvas.