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ArtTip #2: Payment Plans

30 Sep

Art prices can be scary.  Because of this, Amy and I are sometimes asked about discounting artworks.  A little known fact is that galleries often have very little wiggle room to discount, as it is important to maintain an artist’s current market value as well as protect the collector’s investment.

But, in an effort to make art more approachable as well as help with potential sticker shock, we offer our collectors the flexibility of acquiring art through payment plans. In breaking payments into monthly installments, it is often easier to acquire that “one-amazing-piece-that-you-can’t-live-without-but-is-a- little-over-your-monthly-budget-at-the-moment”.  Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to ask!

Debutantes & Feral Children

17 Sep

Join us this evening from 6- 9 pm for Washington, DC artist Laurel Hausler’s exhibition opening titled Debutantes & Feral Children!

The exhibition explores the unexpected overlaps that are shared between the outwardly refined debutante and her paradox, the feral child.  Inspired by World War II era images, Laurel studied the faces of hundreds of debutante women with the intent of emotionally exploring each subject at the time of their heyday and introduction to society. In the artist’s words, the depictions of feral children are not literal representations but instead they imply the possibility that a woman’s nature can be both part debutante and part feral child.

We re-hung the gallery yesterday afternoon with the new works: here is a sneak peak!

Laurel Gallery Scramble

Debutantes & Feral Children will be on display at MFA until October 14.  The exhibition includes several of Laurel’s works on paper as well as oils on canvas.


9 Sep

We are pleased to annouce, that with the help of DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, a fress shuttle bus will be providing service to 11 art galleries on Saturday, September 11, from 6 – 8.30 pm.   Participating galleries include Morton Fine Art (MFA), as well as:

1515 14th Street NW bus stop servicing: Adamson Gallery, Curators                  Office, Hemphill, Gallery Plan b, Irvine Contemporary

1353 U Street NW bus stop servicing: Morton Fine Arts, Project 4 Gallery

1358 Florida Avenue NE, bus stop servicing: City Gallery, Conner                        Contemporary, Industry Gallery, G Fine Art

We are really excited to kick off the fall season and can’t think of a better way to celebrate.  So come out and support the DC arts!

For further information, please visit: