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13 Aug

Take the time. Take the time to invest in custom frames and matting, as each piece has its own needs based on medium and environment.  For works on paper, make sure mats are made up of acid-free material and the glass is conservation quality to prevent damaging your artwork.

To establish whether or not matting is acid free, check the inner angle of the exposed part of the artwork’s mat- if a yellow or rust colored discoloration is present, than the mat is more than likely acidic and should be replaced.

MFA’s New Home

13 Aug

MFA curator’s studio is permanently located at 1781 Florida Ave, NW, just below Mint Gym between Adams Morgan and U Street. We are scheduled to host a series of exciting small exhibitions in our new studio, as well as launch *a pop-up project in another DC location this coming fall.

Our curator’s studio is an inviting space that includes an art “library” as well as several gallery fish.

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In addtion to inventory from last spring’s *pop-up project, we are currently exhibiting Small Works on Paper at the studio with new works by Vonn Sumner, Laurel Hausler and Rosemary Feit Covey.  MFA’s curator’s studio is open Tues-Sat, 11 am – 6 pm. We invite you to come by and enjoy our new home!

** Be sure to check in next week to hear about the launch of MFA’s new generation of art services!