So…what exactly is MFA: Morton Fine Art?

10 Aug
Good question: firmly committed to the belief that anyone can become an art collector, MFA is a hybrid business model that combines art collection advising, museum education and artist advocacy.  Redefining a traditional art gallery model, MFA does not represent a staple of artists but instead collaborates with artists to promote and place selected pieces in art collections of all kinds.
MFA also replaces a traditional gallery model with an innovative curators’ studio and a series of bi-annual temporary exhibitions. The curator’s studio is a working art lab where small shows are continually rotated on display, while larger scale  exhibitions, known as * a pop-up project, are held in locations outside of MFA’s Florida Ave NW studio, “popping-up” in various locations throughout Washington, DC.
So to answer the question, MFA breaks the mold slightly: it’s is a little bit of an art gallery, a little bit of an arts educator, a little bit of a collections advisor, but most importantly, a place that brings dynamic contemporary art to Washington, DC.
Come visit us and find out more!
MFA’s curator’s studio is located at:
1781 Florida Ave NW (at 18th and U Sts)
Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 6pm
Sunday – Monday: by appointment

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